4th Day

After you have been on the 3-day Cursillo weekend, the 4th Day is the rest of your life as a Cursillista! In the 4th Day you begin your mission of bringing Christ to others in your daily life. The pillars to this new life are Prayer, Study, and Action. Ultreya means “onward” and monthly the Cursillo community comes together at local Ultreya’s to support and help each other on the christian journey. Click here for a list of Ultreya’s near you.

The School of Leaders is for those who feel called to be leaders within the Cursillo movement, wish to grow on their spiritual journey, and to learn more in the areas of Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo, and Post-Cursillo. Click here for School of Leaders information/videos.

2023 Cursillo Weekends

#415 — Men’s Cursillo —October 26-29
#416 — Women’s Cursillo —November 16-19

2024 Cursillo Weekends

#417 — Men’s Cursillo —April 4-7
#418 — Women’s Cursillo —April 11-14

All weekends are held at:
Maryville Retreat Center
18307 Taylor Lake Road, Holly MI 48442 | Phone (248) 634-5566

For candidate and sponsor forms click here: http://cursillodetroit.com/forms/

Make a friend. Be a friend. Bring that friend to Christ.